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Flashes / Floaters

Understanding Flashes and Floaters: Your Guide to Eye Health


Welcome to Peak Retina, your trusted source for comprehensive eye care. We are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge you need to maintain optimal eye health. In this informative guide, we will discuss a common phenomenon known as “flashes and floaters” that can sometimes appear in your field of vision. We will explore what they are, why they occur, and when it’s essential to seek professional help.

What are Flashes and Floaters?

Floaters in vision seen against a blue sky

Flashes and floaters are visual disturbances that many individuals experience at some point in their lives. They may appear as brief bursts of light or dark specks that seem to drift across your visual field. While they can be alarming, understanding their causes can help ease your concerns.

Why Do Flashes and Floaters Occur?

Flashes and floaters often occur as a natural part of the aging process. However, they can also be triggered by other factors, such as:

When to Seek Professional Help

While flashes and floaters are often harmless, there are situations where you should seek immediate attention from an eye care specialist:

FAQs about Flashes and Floaters

1. Are flashes and floaters a sign of serious eye problems?

2. Can I prevent flashes and floaters?

3. Do flashes and floaters go away on their own?

4. Can they be treated?

At Peak Retina, we are dedicated to your eye health. If you have concerns about flashes and floaters or any other eye-related issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our experienced team of eye care professionals is here to provide you with expert care and guidance. Your vision is precious, and we are committed to helping you maintain it for a lifetime.